dinsdag 26 juli 2016

Note to Stella on her birthday

Dear Stella,

You'll surely remember this photograph which stood on your writing desk in the house in Thessaloniki. You held the sun on your hand, having an unknown future before you. It was long before we met in far off Minneapolis. We could have met years before, when both of us spent a long time in England in 1970, but you were staying in London and I in a village in between Liverpool and Manchester. Should we have met, would we have fallen in love as we did in America? It's the kind of question one would like to see answered with 'yes', but 'if if' history isn't history. Today you would have celebrated your birthday if not, eight and a half years ago..... I cherish this and other photographs. You were the girl of my dreams long before I got to know you and so you will always remain.

For ever in my thoughts,


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